In Ghana urologists of the ANANSE Foundation have provided services free of charge in five hospitals. They and three other hospitals will be visited by medical staff from the foundation on a regular basis in the future.The participating hospitals cover an area of more than two million inhabitants who were so far
deprived of any urological care. Many woman and men suffer severe urological ailments which can be through simple surgical interventions.

The ANANSE Foundation has identified over twenty urologists and yet a not specified
number of supportive staff who are committed and will participate in the activities of the Foundation free of charge.For this purpose the ANANSE Foundation is in the process to establish an institutional setting
in Ghana to secure an efficient administration and organisation of the activities of the
Foundation in the hospitals.
In the Netherlands so far five companies, several hospitals and individuals have committed equipment and materials in kind or have transferred funds to the account of the Foundation. The ANANSE Foundation will request additional financial assistance from the government and NGO aid donors in the Netherlands. Also local sponsors will be approached in Ghana for support.





















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